Sunday, August 23, 2015


8/21: (23.4 miles) My family dropped me off at the trail at about 8:20am and I started hiking. Today was another non-eventful day of hiking. But I did figure out the secret to doing lots of miles without batting an eye: podcasts. I usually hike an hour at a time then take breaks in between the hours so hour-long podcasts are great! I'm listening to TED Talks (which is sometimes lacking when it's only audio), VergeCast (by The Verge), and Serial (a true story about trying to prove a "murderer's" innocence on a case that happened 15 years ago). I only hiked one hour today without listening to a podcast. When I set up camp I met a couple who is section-hiking Oregon. They had too much food so they gave me lots of candy bars, dinner they had already cooked, etc!

8/22: (26 miles) New record! Today was a lot of annoying ups and downs. Again, nothing too out of the ordinary. Didn't have any podcasts left. I did see one day hiker talking to some other PCTers and was told by the PCTers that he is Billy Goat- a thru-hiker legend. Apparently he's done the PCT around 7 times (starting in '89), the AT around 3 times and the CDT around 3 times! He's logged over 43,000 miles of thru-hikes! This night I reached Crater Lake and Mazama Village! WAY too many hikers here (~40!). Fortunately most of them will be far ahead of me when I take my birthday zeros. Camped at the $5 hiker site in the campground. I start hiking with my dad tomorrow!

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  1. Yeah, Serial was good. It was even spoofed on SNL.

    I wonder what Billy Goat's day job is.