Monday, October 6, 2014

Let the Pacific Crest Trail-Related Posting Commence!

Here is my first post! Now usually hikers use for their hiking journals and to share their gear, but I have decided to use blogger as I can connect it to a variety of different automation services to post in creative ways (via SMS, for instance). TrailJournal also doesn't have a mobile app and since I'll have my phone with me, I'll be likely using the mobile app to post.

Check out the sidebar (yeah, over there on the right!) to follow updates by email or to see my gear list (via or to see a detailed spreadsheet of resupply locations, hiking distances, and other information. Keep in mind that at this stage both of these links are very much a work in progress.

Finally, if you'd like to send me a resupply box, that'd be great! Let me know and I'll give you a list of the things I'm buying and a proper address and such to send it to. (By Christmas I plan to have the spreadsheet updated with at least 5 different types of boxes, fully planned out with what should go in each. So if you wish to send me a box during my hike, it should be super easy at that point.)