Tuesday, July 21, 2015


7/18: (20.3 miles) Got up early this morning because my little cousin had a swim meet. She's 4 years old and she does 3-4 25 yard races every Saturday! When I was 4, I'm pretty sure I'd just be content sitting around on my butt all day. So most of the family got dropped off at the swim meet, then I got dropped off at the trail. I started about 8 am (at least an hour earlier than I usually start), but I got a full day of hiking in! Went over the very pitiful Dick's Pass (pitiful because it's only at about 9000 feet). Wanted to do a couple more miles but the motivation wasn't having it.

7/19: (23.3 miles) Now that's what I'm talking about! Today was a little rough going in the morning, but I was able to convince myself to not stop for lunch until I got to the parking lot with the picnic tables (the trail crosses through it). That was about 12 miles in and I made it there about 3 pm. After lunch it started drizzling but I was much happier because up the hill immediately after lunch I had cell phone service and data! Not like it matters a whole lot- I was just at a town the day before- but it's nice to have. Lots of hiking along the mountain ridges and entered a skiing area (the trail weaves right along the top edge of the ski boundary). Hiked a couple miles downhill and got to my campsite just as it was getting dark.

7/20: (17.5 miles) Hiking up the next hill was not fun today. It took FOREVER. It wasn't the most horrible hill I've been on, but all morning the motivation wasn't feeling it, I had the #1 distraction in the form of 3G, and the combination killed my pace. But I eventually made it up there. Down in the valley before the next big hill I took my lunch break. Had about 10 miles to go, but I took my time eating. Was able to convince myself to get up the next hill (about the same in steepness and height as the first one) without stopping! Right at the top there was a sign that said "Truckee" and I thought "Perfect! That's where I'm headed, so this must be the way". About 0.2 miles later down the steep, gravel-y hill I came to 2 trails and a road. After a bit of confusion, I realized that the "Truckee" sign wasn't where I was supposed to go at all but apparently this trail still leads into Truckee (it's called the Coldstream trail). So I said "Screw it" and followed the dirt road. I followed it FOREVER downhill until it finally turned into a paved road, then connected to a busy road where, after about 30 minutes, I was able to hitch a ride into Truckee. Got dinner at the Circle K and stayed the night at a trail angel's house.

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  1. Dinner at the Circle K. Now that's livin'! Congrats on your 3G...and continued motivation.

    Dad and Felechia