Tuesday, July 28, 2015


I passed the halfway point today! It's crazy to think that finally there are fewer miles in front of me than behind me! I'm now closer to Canada (along the PCT) than I am to Mexico. This means that I've spent about 2.5 months hiking (precisely 77 days) about 1325 miles (tonight I'm at PCT mile 1335.4).

A little intro to this blog if you're just jumping in now: I post to my blog every night with the GPS coordinates of where I'm camping. I also do a couple posts when I get to a town with a summary of each day (since the last town) and sometimes some random posts (like interesting creatures I've seen). And feel free to comment on posts! If you ask a question in the comments, I always try to respond and answer your question.

If you're looking to catch up on my blog, here you can see just the posts where I summarize each day thus far: goo.gl/FbGLmj . If you're looking to see all non-automated posts (summaries and the "special posts" such as creatures I've seen), here's a link to all of those: goo.gl/KHMpWQ . And here's where I upload the photos I've taken on the trip: goo.gl/alU0ei

Feel free to share this with whomever you please! Looking forward to sharing my journey with you!


  1. Great to hear that things are going well! I'll be sure to keep praying for you as you hike and that you continue to have an amazing time!