Friday, June 12, 2015

Short Summaries (is that title redundant?)

I guess there's not much to write here, but I've reached Tehachapi and there's a library where I can use a full computer! So I'm taking advantage of this time to do some updating.

6/10: (11.6 miles) Hung around Hikertown for most of the day until LaughTrax (Matt), Rebel (Lisa), and Gummy Bear (Noah) (more about them later) showed up in the early afternoon. I decided to head out with them and we left just after 5 pm to night-hike the LA Aqueduct (most hikers do this because it's just a flat, boring section and to avoid the blistering Mojave heat). We camped just after the trail leaves the aqueduct for a bit (just to the side of a dirt road).

6/11: (19.8 miles) Today was originally planned to be ~15 miles (so we could do a 15 then a 13 to the closest place to hitch to Tehachapi). It was a long, horrendous hike in the Mojave sun amidst many wind turbines with very little shade. I was going very slow today (I blame the sun). Finally made it to the water source (3.5 miles before the campsite) and Gummy Bear told me that they were all planning on going up to the next campsite (4 miles farther up a fairly large hill). I got to the original campsite and after much thought (how steep is it really? how much closer to Tehachapi do I want to be?) I looked at the comments about the next tentsite on the Guthook app and they mentioned there was a water cache there. So I played some Christmas music (IT'S ALWAYS THE RIGHT TIME) and climbed into the sunset. The others weren't there (they did another 0.5 miles to the next spot) but the water was and I camped there.

6/12: (9.5 miles) Headed out around 7:25 (a little late) and the others were still at the campsite further down. So I hiked the remaining 9 miles all downhill to Tehachapi Willow Springs Rd and after about 45 min we hitched with a couple who hardly spoke any English (fortunately Gummy Bear is fluent in Spanish due to his Mexican heritage so we were able to converse with them all the way to Tehachapi). They dropped us off at the Chinese Buffet and we got all-you-can-eat Chinese for $9.50! And all-you-can-drink water! I'm going to try to stay with a trail angel tonight and maybe zero tomorrow (we'll see...).

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  1. What an adventure for you. Very proud of you. You will have so many stories to tell when you are done.