Friday, June 12, 2015

On the Topic of Resupply Food

Here are a couple notes I want to make on some resupplys I've received. (If you have already sent a box that conflicts with something below- don't worry about it. I'll just buy something different in town). I'll try to update and re-post this as I get tired of other things or come across new ideas too.

  • If you send me tortillas with a filling (like PB&J or whatever), please, please don't pre-make the tortillas! These will be sitting in transition to the post office then at the post office for about two weeks (and by that time they're pretty soggy and gross). Just add some JIF To Go with some small jam packets ( or whatever you want me to make the "sandwich" with. (And I think it'll take me a long time before I'm sick of PB&J tortiallas)
  • Also, some people have sent me things like peanut butter and jelly in little plastic cups. These cups aren't durable and split, crack, leak, you name it. Remember that whatever you send me will be transferred from the box to a flexible bag (containers have to be at least slightly flexible and durable).
  • If you send me something like a Pasta Side or Mac n Cheese that requires milk, please include the appropriate amount of instant milk
  • If you send me instant milk at all, please tell me how to mix it (or include the instructions). I can guess and try to come up with a consistency that looks and tastes like milk, but telling me how much water to add makes it WAY easier
  • Pancakes seem like a great idea (and, granted, if I had thought of them before I would've put them on my spreadsheet of meal ideas) and you can send them but they're probably the most difficult thing to cook (they're also hard to clean up but so is Mac n Cheese- which is too delicious to say no). I have a tiny, very thin pan that conducts heat like crazy. So I have to make very small pancakes (a couple inches in diameter) because each side cooks almost instantly. To be honest- if you send them I will probably either cook them right away while I'm in town or avoid cooking them until I absolutely must
  • Tuna. Oh, man, tuna. I have pretty much exhausted my tolerance for tuna. Which is a shame because it's such a convenient way to get meat. If you send me tuna at this point- it's pretty much going straight into the closest hiker box. Sorry.

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  1. I laughed when I read the tuna comment. You're sure in good hands with all the care you're getting from friends and family. I keep thinking back to Beck and her pre-shipments. Imagine how old that will be up North.