Friday, June 12, 2015

More hiker friends (and an update on old ones)

I mentioned in the post below that I've been hiking with a new "group". It's a couple LaughTrax & Rebel (Matt & Lisa, respectively) and another guy, Gummy Bear (Noah). Gummy Bear somewhat posts very short summaries to Facebook, so I haven't linked him but Matt & Lisa's blog is linked on the sidebar ----->

I've been hiking with them since the night after Wrightwood. They're planning on zero-ing tomorrow (which I may do) but they're also planning on doing big mile days after that (and I have to put in a lot of effort to keep up with them anyway), so I may lose them.

A few times you guys have been asking about Beck & David. Beck (who is now going by Snakebite because she got bit by a snake- but apparently pre-trail) has been about a day or so ahead of me this whole time and I just met up with her at the library in Tehachapi! She'll be heading out today though and I may be heading out tomorrow or even the next day. David is, as of this post, at Hikertown and will be leaving tonight to night-hike the aqueduct like I did. So he's a few days behind.

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