Friday, May 22, 2015

More summaries

5/18: (14 miles) hitchhiked out of Julian at about noon. But first had free PCT pie a la mode at Mom's Pies ( Lots of uphill, but got my music going and hit about 3.2mph at some points! Almost stepped on a rattlesnake! Camped at a water cache.

5/19: (17.7 miles) hiked to a campsite just before Warner Springs. Went from very high elevation to bare desert meadows in the hot sun to small forest oases next to rivers. This day marked one week on the trail!

5/20: (11.8 miles) hiked the extremely long 0.5 miles to Warner Springs. The Resource Center caters a lot to hikers. They were supposed to open at 8, but didn't open till around 11. Picked up a box at the post office and used the Resource Center's computer to catch up on emails. Left at 2 pm and hiked until dark.

5/21: (19.2 miles) hiked 7 miles to a place called Trail Angel Mike's. Really it was just some guy's run down, hoarder-like, and garbage-filled house. Mike wasn't home and it was really sketch. Met up with Rebecca (who had left camp an hour before me that morning) and also saw David (who I hadn't seen since the day before). David left just as I got to Mike's and I didn't see him till the next day. We hiked to Nance Canyon and camped near there.

5/22: (11.7 miles) didn't get enough water at Tule Spring the night before so realized I had very little water this morning. Hiked half a mike back to a nearly empty water cache to get about 0.25 liters (not really worth it). Then rationed the water as I hiked in, through, all around, and above (preposition party!) Nance Canyon. Rebecca had once again left an hour before I but I met up with her and David at a cool little water cache. We then hiked into the clouds (literally)- up and up and up. Then over the ridge and up to the highway where we were picked up and taken to the Paradise Cafe (fantastic burger and Bundaberg ginger beer!). There we decided to skip the detour around the fire closure and hitchhike all the way into Idyllwild for a hotel again! (More on that soon)

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