Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Usually people do a video of their gear, but I have limited space on my phone and won't be doing much video. Instead, here's a bunch of pictures of my gear. If you want to see any specs, the link on the right labeled "PCT Gear" has all that for almost every piece.

(I also realized that in the future when I do most of my blog posts it will be from the Blogger app on my phone. Unfortunately, that app only lets me post one photo per post. If I need to post multiple photos in the people, I'll need to do multiple posts, so I apologize in advance for that).

All my gear:

Food System (pot, utensils, etc):

Sleep system (tent, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, etc):


Water system (purifier, some containers, etc):

Clothes (other than the ones I'm wearing):

Some misc & small items (first aid, personal care, etc):

Electronics (chargers, GPS, etc):

Other misc items (reflective umbrella, frisbee, other games):

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