Wednesday, May 27, 2015

If you want to hike with me...

[First off, if you subscribe to my blog via email- I'm sorry for clogging your inbox. I've posted probably about 4 times in the last couple hours. But when you're hiking all day on the PCT, you think of things you want to say on your blog. And the more you think about it, the more of a "long-form" post those things become]

I know a few of you want to hike with me, so here are some things you should bring if you want to (also, maybe the comments section on this post is a good place to discuss where you want to hike with me so that I don't have 50 people hiking with me at once):

Must have:

  • Sleeping Bag
  • A backpack (to what extent is your decision)
  • Tent (I may be able to provide you with a tent, but if you can find a small, lightweight 1-person tent, that would be best)
  • Food for the time and something to carry it in (I carry 1 breakfast, 1 lunch (no-cook), 1 dinner, and 4 snacks per day- trying to total around 3000 calories per day)
  • Decent shoes to hike in (lots of PCT hikers use trail running shoes; you just have to be comfortable hiking in them up and down hills for up to 10 hours each day)
  • TWO pairs of socks (I highly suggest Darn Tough socks. They're spendy but are...darn tough...and they have a lifetime guarantee)
  • Lightweight clothes to hike in (remember- you will likely be in these clothes the entire time that you are with me. No showers or laundry guaranteed)
  • Water bottles (I suggest Smart Water water bottles as they are very durable and fit my filter)
  • A hat (and maybe bandanna) for sun protection
  • Rain gear (I just have a rain jacket)
  • A first-aid kit sufficient for you (plus whatever medication you might need and blister care items if your feet aren't entirely callous)
  • Whatever you plan to eat out of (i.e. utensils and dish; I have a pot and pan to cook with that you can use)
Highly suggested:
  • Trekking poles (depending on your height, you could borrow some from someone else or just use ski poles)
  • Sleeping pad (depends how hardcore you are- you could theoretically use a windshield solar reflector as a cheap, lightweight, 3/4 length sleeping pad)
  • Toilet Paper
  • Headlamp
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm jacket (I'm using a primaloft jacket that is very lightweight but warm)
  • Ibuprofen (the PCT hiker's favorite drug- I take at least 2 a day)
  • An external battery pack if you're planning on bringing electronics like an iPod or whatever (an external battery pack is just good to have in everyday life anyway- buy one)
  • Bug headnet
  • Warm gear (gloves, hat, etc)
You should also be able to hike at least 2.5 mph with around a 40 lb pack for a few hours at a time. Try to keep all your stuff lightweight and it will make that "40 lbs" less


  1. Got all that but the bug head net. But if I'm hiking with you after the 80 freeway near Truckee, (fairly close to Ingrams) it will be later July, and bugs aren't as bad then. Are you on track with your cumulative millage goal?

  2. Ok. I was thinking of making that "graph" that people kept suggesting with my zero day so we'll see if it happens